Carol Wong

Volunteer Appreciation Award
Carol Wong Award

Carol Wong Volunteer Appreciation Award

The Carol Wong Volunteer Appreciation Award is awarded in honour of a former UTC President and Club Manager. Carol was a UTC member from the late 1970s, President of UTC in the years 1986-1988 and was Club Manager in the years 1989-1990. Carol's tenure was marked by tremendous growth in the membership of the club, expansion of its facilities and introduction of a wide array of programs appealing to members of all calibres and interests.

Perhaps even more memorable was Carol's cheery and entertaining personality which along with her arm-twisting resulted in an extremely strong and active bevy of volunteers. This volunteer tradition at UTC has been critical to the ongoing vibrancy of the Club. So it is only fitting that the Volunteer Appreciation Award is named in honour of such a significant contributor. In recent years Carol has turned her attention to other pastimes, and threatens a return as tennis teacher of her grandchildren.

Winners of the Carol Wong Volunteer Appreciation Award

2016Anne Harris
2015Brain Kum
2014Deb Inrig
2013David Hsieh
2012Cindia Chau Boon
2011Irv Swieca
2010Jose Rochon
2009Mike Gannon
2008Mark Wakefield
2007Yvonne Lue, Julie Stark
2006Marie Chen
2005Harry Eaglesham
2004Brenda Strecker
2003Wayne & Jane Alexander
2002Dee Savournin
2001Lorraine Eaglesham
2000Diane English
1999Gregory Smith
1998Harald Stillich, Doug Warren
1997Peter Di Bella, Claudette Cantin
1996Keith Rawlins
1995Valerie & Kerry MacDonald
1994Natasha Crerar
1993Joan Dougall
1992Barb Russel
1991Jennifer Deacon
1990Carol Spicer

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