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Ontario Tennis Association (OTA)


UTC continues to be an active member of the Ontario Tennis Association (OTA) for 2018 and will participate in several programs to the benefit of the club and members. One new exciting initiative this year is that UTC will partner with the OTA to host the Under 18 Outdoor Provincial boys and girls championship from July 2nd to 7th. This will be an amazing event showcasing many of the best young juniors in the province. Unionville Tennis Club is honoured for this opportunity to host this prestigious event that is one of the flagship events in the OTA calendar.

What is OTA?

OTA is the Ontario Tennis Association, which represents over 70% of all tennis clubs in the province. OTA, with its association to Tennis Canada, is our sole association with responsibility for promoting and developing the sport of tennis in Ontario and Canada. By supporting OTA and the OTA supporting UTC, we see this as just another way for UTC to continue to be one of the best community tennis clubs in Ontario and Canada!

What can I get with OTA?

The OTA offers programs clubs can utilize for all segments of club membership including: juniors, new players, adult, coaches, recreational players and club executives. OTA also provides services such as: club insurance, government liaison support and access to government grants. Belonging to the OTA also provides us access to the network of other clubs in OTA for support and advice. Additionally, the OTA affords you with some individual benefits like online newsletters, social media and OT magazines.

OTA’s new Phone Application

OTA has just released a new phone application called “Club OTA”. This app is your personal OTA membership card which makes you eligible for discounts from participating businesses. If you don’t have a smart phone we will have paper membership cards at the club. OTA is adding new partners all the time. We at UTC are actively lining up local establishments like Unionville Arms, who have agreed to offer a 50% discount on appetizers if you show them your OTA membership card on your phone. Colonel Mustard restaurant is also offering a 10% discount off all food with your OTA card. We are currently in the process of making additional arrangements with local merchants in order to receive even more discounts when you present your OTA card. We will pass along news on new discount offers as they are arranged.

Another advantageous benefit is that the Club OTA card is also a reward card. Every time you are at any OTA club, like UTC, Markham Tennis Club, or any other of the 275 OTA member tennis clubs, you can use the app on your phone to “check-in”, which earns you 50 additional points to your account total. Accumulating points makes you eligible to win tennis related prizes such as: balls, jackets, Rogers Cup tickets, etc. The Club OTA uses your phone’s GPS locator function to determine where you are and therefore allows you to “check in” and claim your points.

The OTA magazine is available from this Club OTA app as well, for your reading pleasure!

To get the Club OTA app just go to your phone’s app store and search for CLUB OTA. Then download the app onto your phone. You simply add your name and select Unionville Tennis Club as you home club. That is all there is to it.

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